New Brick Court Mediator, Sue Prevezer QC

Brick Court Mediators are delighted to welcome the arrival in chambers from Quinn Emmanuel of the hugely experienced Sue Prevezer QC

“Sue is an old friend of ours and many of us have experience of mediating with her” commented  Bill Wood QC . “She  will be a fantastic  option for parties who need  a mediator with judgment, experience and a really good grasp of the litigation and arbitration landscape.  She is a class act and is one of  those litigators who has always fought her client’s  corner but has actually been using mediation skills for years.”

Sue Prevezer QC joins Brick Court Chambers on 1st April 2020.

All inquiries to her clerk Kate Trott ( .

Postcard From Hong Kong

At Hong Kong Arbitration Week’s ‘ADR in Asia’ session yesterday there was a striking account from Arthur Ma of DaHui law firm in Beijing, of arbitration practice on the mainland. At an early directions hearing Chinese arbitrators will routinely offer to mediate. If they do mediate and it does not settle the arbitration proceeds regardless […]

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Relational Contracts

A Relational Contract is my favourite type of contract, if actually having a favourite contract is a thing. In any event, most mediators like me tend to see them a lot because they are uniquely suited to the process of mediation – many having a life of up to 10 or 15 years, maybe even […]

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Mediation: What Makes the Difference?

Two different mediations. Each with a completely different subject matter. Different cities. Different months. Different lawyers. One involving a construction contract, the other financial services. Each reached a stage in negotiations where one party offered an amount, x, and the other party sought an amount, y.  Remarkably, the amounts x and y were the same figure […]

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The Singapore Convention : Decisions, Decisions

Bill Wood discusses the choice between opt-in and opt-out systems under the Singapore Convention There is no mistaking the general excitement that has surrounded the recent signing of the Singapore Convention[1]. It is seen as recognition that mediation has now achieved such maturity and acceptance internationally that it deserves the status that arbitration has enjoyed since […]

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