BRICK COURT MEDIATORS are regularly called in to mediate UK’s most significant litigation and have established themselves as leaders in the rapidly developing world of commercial mediation both in the United Kingdom and internationally. They conduct some 300+ mediations in any given year and have assisted in settling claims worth billions of pounds.

WHO’s WHO LEGAL recognise Brick Court mediators as among the world’s leading commercial mediators, saying many of them should be considered to be among the outstanding experts in their jurisdiction.

“Several members of the UK Bar stand out for the quality of their mediation practices, and Brick Court Chambers is home to some of the most highly rated practitioners in the world.

Tony Willis is “part of the aristocracy” and a “premier league mediator”. Former managing partner of Clifford Chance, he is a three-time winner of our Mediator of the Year Award and has conducted more than a thousand mediations in relation to areas such as professional negligence, boardroom disputes, construction and insurance for clients such as corporates, individuals, government departments and regulators. Considered “an elder statesman of the mediation field”, Tony Willis is recognised for his “distinctive ability to adapt to any given conflict”.

William Wood QC is said to be “at the top of his game, absolutely superb”. Interviewees say he is “always well prepared, and inspires the confidence of solicitors and clients alike.” The “absolutely charming and totally brilliant” William Wood QC is described by many as “one of the best mediators in England”.

Stephen Ruttle QC is “first-rate” and has successfully mediated many hundreds of disputes, some of which involve billions of pounds. For many respondents, Stephen Ruttle QC is “a truly sensational mediator” and is admired for his “instinctive and intuitive nature”.

Clients would go to Geoff Sharp “10 times out of 10”. A door tenant at Brick Court, he has conducted over a thousand mediations in New Zealand and worldwide, and is one of the most highly rated individuals on our international research. Geoff Sharp is “one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent mediators” and possesses “vast experience mediating in Asia and the Middle East”.

John Sturrock QC of Core Solutions Group in Edinburgh is “internationally recognised as a major player in this area”. He is considered a “thought leader” in the area. Sources cite his keen intellect”, “preparation to get at core issues” and “massive wealth of experience in difficult negotiation situations”. Another respondent maintains, “John is the best mediator I have met and has brought about a settlement in two cases which I thought resolution was impossible.”

Full time mediators, Tony Willis, Bill Wood, Geoff Sharp, John Sturrock and Stephen Ruttle are among the 10 most highly regarded commercial mediators in the world and incredibly they all feature in the top 10 at different times.

In March 2017, Tony, Bill, Geoff and Stephen were included in a list of ten Who’s Who Mediation Thought Leaders, making Brick Court home to four of the ten globally identified mediation leaders. WWL says; these four had “obtained the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources in our most recent research cycle” and were “worthy of special mention owing not only to their vast expertise and experience advising on some of the world’s most significant and cutting-edge legal matters, but also their ability to innovate, inspire, and go above and beyond to deliver for their clients”.

In addition to conducting mediations in London, our mediators often work elsewhere in the UK. They have also taken assignments in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Africa, Dubai, Romania, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Mexico, Jersey and Guernsey.

A full list of Brick Court Mediators (in alphabetical order);

HH Nicholas Chambers QC

Richard Lord QC

Sir Oliver Popplewell

Klaus Reichert SC

Stephen Ruttle QC

Geoff Sharp

John Sturrock QC

Tony Willis

William Wood QC

Please contact Kate Trott with any enquiries on +44 (0) 20 7520 9813 or email kate.trott@brickcourt.co.uk.