CJC’s Report Into Online Dispute Resolution Out Today

cjclogo2The Civil Justice Council Online Dispute Resolution Advisory Group’s report is out today. The Group’s remit was to explore the potential for ODR for civil disputes less than £25,000 and recommends an online court to be known as Her Majesty’s Online Court.

Brick Court Mediator and Advisory Group member, Bill Wood QC, was delighted to be a signatory to such a far reaching report.

Chair of the Advisory Group, Professor Richard Susskind, said;

This report is not suggesting improvements to the existing system. It is calling for a radical and fundamental change in the way that our court system deals with low value civil claims. Online Dispute Resolution is not science-fiction. There are examples from around the world that clearly demonstrate its current value and future potential, not least to litigants in person.

Judges would decide cases online, interacting electronically with the parties. Early resolution of cases would be achieved via ‘facilitators’.

Two major benefits are predicted – an increase in access to justice (more affordable and user-friendly service) and substantial savings in cost of the court system.

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Brick Court Mediator Joins WIPO’s Mediation Panel

wipo%20logo1Geoff Sharp has recently been appointed to the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Mediator Panel.

WIPO administers a growing number of procedures under the WIPO Mediation, WIPO Arbitration/WIPO Expedited Arbitration and WIPO Expert Determination Rules in addition to its domain name dispute resolution activities.

The subject matter of these proceedings has included patent licenses, software licenses, distribution agreements for pharmaceutical products, research and development agreements as well as patent infringement, trademark co-existence agreements, copyright issues, art marketing agreements and entertainment contracts. WIPO’s settlement rate in mediation is reported to be 70%.

Industry Areas in WIPO Mediation and Arbitration Cases;